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Name Location
Art and culture in Mäntyharju Kouvola/Mäntyharju
Bathing in a forest sauna is a unique experience Kouvola/Mäntyharju
Camp in the wild Valkjärvi
Climb the heights Olhava
Climb up the highest hill of the park Hauklamminvuori Kirnukangas
Discover wonders of nature Katajajärvi
Easy access to wilderness Tervajärvi
Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the landscape Kouvola/Mäntyharju
Enjoy the park on water Lapinsalmi
Enjoy the view from the bridge Lapinsalmi
Enjoy winter in Repovesi Lapinsalmi
Fascinating views open from the hilltop Mustalamminvuori
Find your own adventure in Repovesi! Lapinsalmi
Fire brings life Määkijä
Fire brings life Määkijä
Flowers bloom in Love Park Kouvola/Mäntyharju
Follow in the footsteps of our ancestors Katajajärvi
Follow the steps to the hights Katajavuori
Forest Sauna Kouvola/Mäntyharju
Hidden away in the cliffs Kirnukangas
Hiking and culture Kuutinkanava
History of Finnish wood processing industry Kouvola/Mäntyharju
History of log floating in Repovesi Kuutinkanava
Hug a tree Lapinsalmi
In the midst of forest ponds Saarijärvi
In winter, nature rests Kuutinkanava
Ketunlenkki trail Määkijä
Kuutinkanava at winter Kuutinkanava
Life on cliffs Tervajärvi
Litter-free hiking in Repovesi Valkjärvi
Movement in the forest Tervajärvi
Nature does good for you Katajavuori
Numerous trails in Repovesi Kuutinkanava
Orilampi cottage Kouvola/Mäntyharju
Peace and quiet in the reservable hut Määkijä
Protect the environment while hiking Olhava
Repovesi, characterised by rugged cliffs Olhava
Sleep overnight in the wild Tervajärvi
Take the Ketunlossi ferry across the water Määkijä
The green microcosm on the ground Tervajärvi
The land has three owners Saarijärvi
The Mäntyharju-Repovesi route Kouvola/Mäntyharju
The old cemetery nurtures traditions Kouvola/Mäntyharju
The thrill of cycling Määkijä
The warm light of a campfire in the wilderness Kirnukangas
Traces of human activity Mustalamminvuori
Trees make the forest Tervajärvi
Winter fires at Talas Tervajärvi
Winter fires in Talas Tervajärvi