When spending any time in nature, it’s definitely worth your while to stop every once in a while to watch and listen to your surroundings. The world created by Mother Nature is fascinating, and even kids can be easily inspired by the miracles of nature.

Nature changes with the seasons In the summer, you can admire the flight of dragonflies and, in the winter, explore animal tracks in the snow.  What does summer smell like? Or autumn? Stop and listen - each season has its own, unique soundscape. You can hear the staccato beating of woodpeckers in the spring, and, in the summer, birdsong and the breezy whisper of leaves. In the winter, you’ll hear the muted babbling of a brook under the ice.

You can observe the goings-on of nature at a distance with a pair of binoculars. This allows you to observe animals without disturbing them as well as pick out new details in the landscapes. A camera can be used to focus on the landscape or nature’s tiniest details as well as the interplay of light and shadow. Or maybe you could make a digital herbarium?

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