Planning a hike is an interesting part of the whole trip. Repovesi is an ideal nature destination if, for example, this is your first time hiking. The trails are clearly marked along the way and there are also structures to make your hike easier. At the more popular park spots and trails, you’ll often meet other hikers, who will gladly offer advice and tips on hiking.

You can choose one of the marked circle trails or plan your own route. For example, you can make your hike on Ketunlenkki more challenging by making a detour to Katajavuori Hill. To get to its summit, you’ll have to climb 224 stairs. Even though you might end up breaking  sweat, the reward is one of the most magnificent views of the park.

When developing your hiking skills, it’s a good idea to start with shorter hikes in easy conditions, and then gradually work your way up to more demanding hikes. A mobile phone is a handy tool for helping you find your way, but you should never rely solely on it. In addition to it running out of power, there are also some areas without coverage in Repovesi where you won’t get a signal. It’s always good to bring a paper map along, even on shorter hikes.

A day trip to the park is the perfect way to spend a day no matter what time of year it is or what the weather is like, provided that you have the right gear. You can also include a bit of berry or mushroom picking when hiking in the autumn. Stopping for a cup of coffee, whether brewed over the fire or served from a thermos, and a hearty bite to eat is often the high point of a hike, so don’t skimp on your snack pack!

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