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History of log floating in Repovesi (Kuutinkanava)

The slash-and-burn culture and tar burning modified the forests in Repovesi from the 1600s onwards. The development of steam-powered sawmills created the sawmill industry and marked the beginning of the log floating era in the 1800s. The network of small waterways in Repovesi provided an excellent infrastructure for log floating, but many brook channels lost their natural state as they were cleared to facilitate floating.

From Repovesi, timber was transported to the River Kymijoki, along which paper and pulp mills were built in addition to sawmills. Increasing quantities of timber were needed to meet industrial demand. The felling of trees ended gradually in the 1990s and the core section of the park was protected in the same decade, although the national park was not established until 2003.

Read more about the history of Repovesi www.nationalparks.fi/en/repovesinp/history

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