Nature reserves are expressly established to preserve nature. As a hiker, you are guest in the park. Please respect the nature around you and leave the forest inhabitants in peace. Respecting nature, staying on marked trails, leaving no trace and making campfires and camping only in designated places are some of the basic skills every hiker should have.

A hiker who respects nature will leave nothing but their footprints in the park, changing nothing. The four-legged friends of humankind are welcome to the park, but must be kept on a leash. Edible mushrooms and berries may be picked, but all other species must be left untouched. For example, deadwood pines are an important part of the ecosystem.

Large numbers of visitors wear out natural trails. Every effort is made to minimise the wear and tear on nature by building wear-resistant trails and directing hikers to suitable sites. So, please stay on the trails and protect the nature surrounding them.

Maintaining hiking structures and trails takes a lot of work, so take care when using them! Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland is responsible for hiking services at Repovesi, both within the national park and in the Aarnikotka forest Nature Reserve.

For more information on guidelines and tips on visiting the Repovesi National Park, visit:

Nearby attractions: Repovesi, characterised by rugged cliffs , Climb the heights

Coordinates (WGS84): 61.18436, 26.82520

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