The rocky terrain of Repovesi is a rugged habitat. Despite this, the tough pine and species that thrive in sun-exposed places stubbornly cling to the hard rock.  Open rock slopes bake under the sun and, in addition to the heat, species here must also adapt to dryness and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Precipitation on the rock is not absorbed - it runs down, carrying away nutrients and creating the conditions for thick growth at the foot of rock faces. There may be cracks, depressions and holes on top of the bedrock that collect organogenic matter and moisture. Plants send their roots into the cracks to get enough water and nutrients for their slow growth. A small pine growing on bedrock may be hundreds of years old.

Some species thrive on the sun-exposed rocks.  Cold-blooded animals such as snakes enjoy basking in the sun. When dusk falls, you might even spot bats on hunting forays along water banks. Bats spend their days hidden away in sheltering holes and hollows found in the rock.

Many plant species also thrive in bright sunlight, such as the mountain everlasting cat's-foot, which is a key source of food for many of the butterfly species common to sun-exposed areas. This plant has declined in Finland over the past few decades.

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Coordinates (WGS84): 61.15849, 26.84479

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