Repovesi’s varying terrain can sometimes put a hiker’s lungs to the test. Hiking is also an excellent way to stay fit. You don’t always have to push so hard to improve your quality of life. Studies show that just being out in nature decreases your blood pressure and improves your state of mind. You’ll understand why when admiring the breathtakingly beautiful view from the top of Katajavuori Hill.

Nature invigorates and helps you recover from stress. When you surrender to the charm of a forest trail, your senses will come alive and your concentration will sharpen. Your pulse and blood pressure might even go down. Out in nature we move more briskly than when indoors, and the exercise actually feels easier. Simply chopping firewood for a campfire is an excellent workout for your shoulders and will warm you up when the weather is cool.

Getting out into nature also promotes social well-being and a sense of community: your attitude towards others improves when out on the trail and your mood improves dramatically.

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