Sleep overnight in the wild (Tervajärvi)

A night spent in the forest is pure magic. Sleeping out in nature brings people back to the basics of life. An evening and night without the comforts of home offers a change of pace to your everyday life. The light and noise of cities are far away and you’ll hear only the sounds of nature.

You can get even closer to nature by sleeping in a tent or lean-to. In Repovesi, you can also stay in a reservable hut or rental hut. Sleeping in a tent offers not only freedom, but also security. You take your home with you - there’s no need to book overnight accommodations in advance.

If you’ve never spent a night outdoors before, you should make your first overnight stay in the summer. It is better to develop the necessary skills and check the function of your gear on warm summer nights.

It is a good idea to bring a camp stove along for cooking meals. Camp stoves can also be used during forest fire warnings. Pack food supplies in, for example, resealable bags. Don’t forget snacks, because hiking while hungry is no fun and can even be a safety hazard!

When preparing for a hike, only bring along the absolute necessities. Extra weight on your back will definitely make the hike less enjoyable. Place the heavier items at the bottom of your pack, roughly in the small of your back. Try to use a pack with a narrow profile.

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