Peace and quiet in the reservable hut (Määkijä)

If you want to stay overnight on your own and out of the weather with your hiking party, then check out one of the reservable huts in Repovesi. There is a total of four reservable huts in the park. Other huts can be found at Karhulahti, Lojukoski and Mustavuori.

The hut rental fee includes a private, fenced yard, with a campfire site. There is a paddlecraft dock on the shore, so the hut can also be easily reached by water. You can heat the hut with a wood-burning stove even during the deep-freeze of winter. As always, pack out your waste and leave the hut in the same condition you found it so that the next guests will have a pleasant arrival.

The open campfire site (open to all visitors) is located at the shore, roughly 20 metres from the hut. You may pitch a tent here without reserving the hut.

You can rent huts here:

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Coordinates (WGS84): 61.15718, 26.85802

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