Easy access to wilderness (Tervajärvi)

At Talas, the lake shimmers nearby and the rugged backs of rocks loom in the distance.  Forest scents and birdsong can be easily enjoyed at one of the most beautiful campfire sites in the park.

Some of Repovesi’s nature sites are easily accessible, such as with children. The hike from Tervajärvi to Talas is short and easy. Ketunlenkki circle trail has been improved in recent years to be more accessible. Visitors wanting easy-to-hike trails should head for the Sukeltajaniemi campfire site from the Saarijärvi entrance. Easily accessible sites make it possible for even more people to enjoy being out in nature.

There are also accessible trails outside the Repovesi National Park. The Immo Nature Trail at Art Centre Salmela in Mäntyharju is accessible and can be used by visitors in a wheelchair. The trail is 900 metres in length, each way.

Read more on trail diffculty classification in  www.nationalparks.fi/

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Coordinates (WGS84): 61.15884, 26.87822

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