Исследовательское путешествие вокруг парка -

В культурной поездке познакомьтесь с близлежащими территориями Реповеси.

История лесной промышленности (Kouvola/Mäntyharju)

World Heritage Site Verla Groundwood and Board Mill is a unique sight just a half hour’s drive from Repovesi. At Verla, visitors will get a glimpse of the early years of forestry as a living whole. The fascinating museum tour brings the past to life, exhibiting the mill buildings and their machinery. The prehistoric rock paintings found at the head of the Verlankoski Rapids are also worth a visit.

In the summer, ironworks village shops sell their wares in the old stables, and there is also a lunch café nearby.  At Verla, visitors can also stay overnight in retro-cottages at a 1960s holiday village or workers’ residences from the 1890s that have been restored for use as modern accommodations.

The Verla World Heritage Site is located to the north of Kouvola. Address: Verlantie 295. For more information on Verla, visit: www.verla.fi/en