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The environs of Repovesi offer plenty of interesting sights and experiences. Take a cultural trip or enjoy a forest sauna!

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Flowers bloom in Love Park (Kouvola/Mäntyharju)

The Vuohijärvi Nature and Culture House is located on the road from Kouvola to Repovesi. Its programme of events includes art exhibitions as well as a variety of events and concerts all year round. Visitors are also served by the elegant Kaakkuri café, a shop, gallery and info desk. The Vuohijärvi Nature and Culture House was completed in 1966. Architect Väinö Vuorinen originally designed it to be a church.

In the summer, the Little Thumblings Garden (also known as ‘Love Park’) comes to life outside. Love Park offers plenty to see and do for lovers of nature and art. Opened in 2016, the garden brings together sculpture, Roman stonework and brilliant flower beds.  One of the park features is sculptor Heikki Häiväoja’s Koivu ja tähti (‘Birch and star’) sculpture, which symbolises love and friendship. Each visitor can participate in the piece by fastening a ‘love lock’ to it with a friend or partner.

The Love Park and Visitor Centre exhibitions are at Näkkimistöntie 1, Kouvola.

For more information, visit the Vuohijärvi Nature and Culture House website at kulttuurivuohijarvi.fi/english/