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The environs of Repovesi offer plenty of interesting sights and experiences. Take a cultural trip or enjoy a forest sauna!

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Bathing in a forest sauna is a unique experience (Kouvola/Mäntyharju)

Located on the banks of a small forest pond, the Matkoslampi lean-to is an experiential oasis in the heart of the forest. The lean-to is located on the Mäntyharju–Repovesi route near the village of Mouhu. It can be reached easily by mountain bike or hiking.

The Matkoslampi lean-to is well equipped. The shelter has a kettle for making coffee or boiling water as well as other grilling utensils. Cooking water can be fetched from the adjacent pond. Special features at the Matkoslampi lean-to include a rowboat, swimming pier and forest sauna. The unique round shape of the sauna is a masterpiece of carpentry. Its beautiful dome-like roof and walls are made of thin shingles.

Read more on the Mäntyharju-Repovesi route and the sites along it at: www.mantyharju-repovesi.com/en/