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The environs of Repovesi offer plenty of interesting sights and experiences. Take a cultural trip or enjoy a forest sauna!

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Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the landscape (Kouvola/Mäntyharju)

A few kilometres from the Lapinsalmi entrance, you can climb the over 20 metre tall Elving tower at the summit of a hill to admire the breathtaking views filled with forests and lakes. The white, octagonal tower stands out in the landscape.  Rudolf Elving commissioned its construction in 1905-1907. The observation tower was used to watch for forest fires and illegal hunting and fishing activity. During the Second World War, the Elving tower was used for aerial surveillance. Members of Lotta Svärd, a Finnish voluntary auxiliary paramilitary organisation for women, manned the tower here in the middle of the wilderness to keep an eye on the skies overhead. During the Second Wolrd War, it served as an air surveillance tower.

The Elving tower is open to the public on summer weekends, when visitors are free to climb up and admire the spectacular views of Repovesi. A fee is charged. The local Lions Club is responsible for maintaining the tower. The tower is located just a few kilometres from the park. The closest park entrance to the tower is at Lapinsalmi, and there is a marked hiking trail between the entrance and the tower.

For more information on the Elving tower, visit: www.mantyharju-repovesi.com/en/sights/elving-tower