Hear the call of the wild -

Climb on top of cliffs and step into the deep forest. Nature reveals its secrets!

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Climb up the highest hill of the park Hauklamminvuori (Kirnukangas)

Hauklamminvuori Hill is the highest point of Repovesi’s rocky landscape. The hill affords a magnificent, wilderness-like view of the mire lake at the foot of the cliff. The forest ponds of Repovesi are home to a well-known wilderness bird, the red-throated diver. Roughly a dozen mating pairs nest here.

Because the red-throated diver needs nesting protection from May until deep into the summer, please take this into consideration when visiting Repovesi. The red-throated diver’s spring birdsong makes for a rather noisy time, with its calls ringing off the rock walls and awakening nature. In addition to the red-throated diver, Repovesi’s ponds are also a good place for spotting, for example, the impressive white whooper swan.

The awe-inspiring Eurasian eagle-owl lives on the rugged rocky slopes of Repovesi. The wingspan of this largest owl in Europe can up to 170 centimeters. In the old days it was considered a bird predicting accidents, which is why they were hunted mercilessly in the past. Today, the species is protected and the owl’s singing can be heard as the night fades over Repovesi.

You can also see the ruins of the old wooden triangulation tower at the summit of Hauklammenvuori Hill. In the past, triangulation towers were used to draft maps, and served as the basis for a co-ordinate system that is still in use in some places.