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Trees make the forest (Tervajärvi)

At Tukkiniemi, you can see the forest in its most pristine form. This is the oldest forest in Repovesi, which was spared from harvesting when the area was still in forestry use before the founding of the national park. Old-growth forests are a sanctuary for many endangered species of insects and plants, which need decaying wood and diverse forests to thrive. Both rotting trees and fresh saplings are very much part of the forest. The old-growth forest is also filled with young inhabitants, as a new generation of trees springs up to take the place of fallen trees.

During the period when the area was used for forestry in the 20th century, the Tukkiniemi area was kept off-limits to harvesting until its establishment as a protected area, despite conflicting opinions. A local forest ranger, who recognised the natural value of the forest, played a key role in its preservation.

Many of the pines at Tukkiniemi are covered by a thick, plate-like bark, which indicates that the pine is at least 150 years old. Dead, rotting trees are also an invaluable part of the forest. They provide a habitat for hundreds of different species, such as fungi, insects and moss. Many species of animals that seen a decline in their populations, such as the red-breasted flycatcher, also thrive in old-growth forests like Tukkiniemi.