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Climb on top of cliffs and step into the deep forest. Nature reveals its secrets!

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Fascinating views open from the hilltop (Mustalamminvuori)

Mustalamminvuori Hill offers a spectacular view of Kuutinlahti Bay, which is part of Repovesi. There are numerous lakes and ponds nearby, but most of them are hidden away in the forest. The rugged, varying topography of the area is a microcosm of Repovesi: sheer rock walls tens of metres in height; rough, rocky forests; and scores of lakes and ponds.

In the autumn, you can see how the fog covers the landscape, particularly the waterways. Fog is formed when cold air descends and mixes with warm and humid air rising from small lake coves.

The bedrock of Repovesi is young and its landscape was shaped by ice ages. Bedrock or rocky mineral soil can be found on the tops of rocks, on slopes and on the banks of waterways. Due to the rock and thin, young and nutrient-poor soil, the area has a fairly representative collection of lichen species.

Read more about the landscape of Repovesi here at: https://www.nationalparks.fi/repovesinp/nature/