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In the midst of forest ponds (Saarijärvi)

In Repovesi, water is an integral part of the landscape, and the park trails often lead hikers to the water’s edge. The channel between Lake Tolonen and Lake Ristijärvi connects the two bodies of water.

Numerous small, crystal clear bodies of water are typical of Repovesi. There are about 60 ponds and lakes in the area. Due to the steep topography of the park, the lakes’ height above sea level varies widely. The lowest lake is Lake Repovesi, which is 77 metres above sea level and the highest body of water in the area, Rajalampi, is 62 metres higher. A diverse variety of species can be found in and around the waters of the park. Beavers also build their dams within the confines of Repovesi.

Although the waters in the area are usually clear and nutrient-poor, there are also waters that contain humus, such as many of the ponds with mire banks. The well-known wilderness bird, red-throated diver, also thrives here. During its nesting season, the bird is very sensitive to disturbances, so visitors should avoid their nesting ponds.