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Climb on top of cliffs and step into the deep forest. Nature reveals its secrets!

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The green microcosm on the ground (Tervajärvi)

Various mosses and lichens form their own microcosm on top of rocks and bedrock. The forms and colours of these small plants and organisms vary greatly and, when observing them, one can lose a sense of time. It takes years for mosses and, in particular, lichens to grow on the bare stone. Remember to tread softly around them so you won’t damage some of Mother Nature’s finest works of art.

Mosses are a deep, leafy green, and they retain their colour the whole year round. In the autumn forest, the moss is still a radiant shade of green, even though the trees have already shed their summer clothes with the coming of shorter days. In addition to the forest floor, moss also covers many sheer rock faces and boulder fields, which are formed by the collapse of cliffs. In drier places, the bedrock serves as a habitat for lichens, such as the lesser sulphur-cup lichen and reindeer lichen. Lichens are not a plant like mosses are, but are rather a composite organism formed from fungi and algae. Lichens are effective indicators of good air quality. Because they grow so slowly, lichens are vulnerable to air pollution and can therefore be used to determine the cleanliness of the environment and quality of air.