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In winter, nature rests (Kuutinkanava)

In the winter, nature goes into repose. Ice crystals create their own works of art throughout the forest and on the surface of lakes and ponds. Proper snow cover usually arrives in the Repovesi region between November and December, and typically begins to melt in mid-April. However, this can vary greatly from year to year.

The snow reveals forest life that would rarely be visible at other times of the year. You might spot lynx, marten, moose and otter tracks in the snow or resting holes made by landfowl. There is even life to be found under the frozen surface of the water.

Even though many animals head south for the winter or go into hibernation, the forest is not completely silent. The black woodpecker looks for food in tree trunks and pecks happily away no matter what the temperature is. Landfowl might even burst into flight, breaking the silence of the forest. In the autumn, moose begin migrating to their winter feeding grounds.  In the winter, they are not pestered by mosquitoes and deerflies, and their thick winter coat keeps them warm. When waterbodies are frozen, animals can quench their thirst with snow, which is everywhere in a good winter.

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