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Repovesi is an ideal destination for beginners to learn the basics of hiking. Find tips for an outing in the wild! 

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The warm light of a campfire in the wilderness (Kirnukangas)

At the Kirnukangas lean-to, you can enjoy the wilderness of Southern Finland at its finest. You’ll feel very far removed from the hustle and bustle of the workaday world at the most remote campfire site in the park. A campfire is an integral part of an ancient tradition and making a fire is one of the fundamental skills every hiker should have. A campfire is a place to prepare food and warm frozen hands and feet. The person lighting a fire is always ultimately responsible for it.

The permission of the landowner is always required when making an open fire. At Repovesi, fires may only be made at designated campfire sites shown on the map. If there is a brush or forest fire warning in effect, fires may only be made inside the grill shelters at Kuutinkanava canal and Lapinsalmi as well as in rental huts and cottages.

Firewood can be found in a wood shed at each campfire site. Please use only what is absolutely necessary to make a fire! You may burn small amounts of cardboard and paper in the campfire, but all plastics, foils and other metals must be taken with you out of the park. It is common courtesy to leave freshly split logs and a bit of kindling for the next campfire users. However, do not leave any burning embers in the pit when you leave the site.

Learn tips on making a campfire at:  www.nationalparks.fi/en/hikinginfinland/rightsandregulations/campfires