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Repovesi is an ideal destination for beginners to learn the basics of hiking. Find tips for an outing in the wild! 

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Litter-free hiking in Repovesi (Valkjärvi)

Even though hiking has an impact on the environment, each and every visitor can easily minimise their own. The principle of Leave No Trace is quite simple: hikers must not leave any trace of their visit in nature!

Nature and other hikers will appreciate it when you take all of your waste out of the park with you. You can start your Leave No Trace hike when buying supplies or packing them. You should try to use environmentally-friendly packaging and pack food and drink in reusable containers. You can also keep a plastic bag in your backpack for collecting waste.

If you do produce any waste, it should be sorted while you’re still in the park. Small amounts of clean cardboard and paper may be burned in a campfire or wood-burning stove. The dry toilets are such that no food waste can be composted in them. As a result, any food waste you might have should be packed out in its own waste bag.

Hikers are light on their feet when they return from the forest. This is not only due to the fact that nature has a positive impact on well-being, but also that the backpack is no longer full of food - just empty containers!

Read more about Leave No Trace hiking at https://www.nationalparks.fi/hikinginfinland/visitorguidelines/litter