Hiking in Repovesi -

Repovesi is an ideal destination for beginners to learn the basics of hiking. Find tips for an outing in the wild! 

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Camp in the wild (Valkjärvi)

Situated on the shore of the crystal clear Lake Valkjärvi, the Valkjärvi camping site is an outstanding spot for camps and events. You can also reach the park’s trails from the camping site. The camping site is recommended for larger groups, so that there will be enough room at open rest stops for other park visitors. It also ensures that your group will have its own space to enjoy their visit.

The main camp cabin can host even larger groups for dining, taking care of their gear and spending time. Valkjärvi is also suitable for hosting a variety of events.

For more information and making reservations, visit: https://www.repovedenkansallispuisto.fi/en_US