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Repovesi, characterised by rugged cliffs (Olhava)

The Repovesi National Park is located in the marginal zone of the Southeast Finland rapakivi granite area. The bedrock is mainly microclinic granite containing garnet. The southern section of the area contains rapakivi granite. The dating of rock types revealed that rapakivi granite magma had penetrated the older (approximately 1.8 billion years old) granite bedrock about 1.65 billion years ago.

The bedrock of the Repovesi area and the area surrounding it has a unique structure. Examined on a broader scale, there are ringed structures in the bedrock, and the area is also characterised by large differences in elevation and the typical cleavage of granite rocks, which are manifested in perpendicular block surfaces and larger fracture zones. This structure is the result of the rapakivi granite magma that had penetrated the older bedrock and underneath it, which, together with the movement of the Earth's crust, the characteristics of the rock types in the area and the effects of ice ages and erosion, has created the topography of the area and the forms of lakes, ponds and cliffs. The area is also characterized by the deterioration typical of some rapakivi granites, ie the crumbling of the rapakivi in place.

A Stone Age rock painting has been found on Olhava cliff The modest painting, which contains a palm print and a few smaller spots of color, dates from about 3600 to 2500 BC. The rock paintings are protected by the Ancient Monuments Act.

Coordinates (WGS84): P 61˚11, 121' I 26˚50, 494'