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The forests of Repovesi are full of history. Glimpse into the past!

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Traces of human activity (Mustalamminvuori)

A stunning view over Repovesi can be enjoyed from the Mustalamminvuori observation tower. There, visitors can observe the unique features of the area: a diverse landscape with small bodies of water and cliffs. Many traces left by humans in nature can also be seen. Those with a keen eye might be able to distinguish between the past and present uses of the forest. Forests used for commercial purposes are often uniform in age and structure, while forests in a natural state are more varied, which makes them more diverse in species. 

Some of the forests in Repovesi were used for forestry up until the last few decades. Looking over the terrain, the traces of forestry activity can be seen in the gradually fading straight lines. The age distribution of forests also reflects the peaks of forest use and regeneration. Young forests less than 50 years of age are the most common.

During the log driving period, the forests of Repovesi were widely utilised for the sawmill and paper industry. The logs being floated from Lake Tervajärvi down the Kuutinkavana canal were run through the Ruskiasalmi Strait (shown here) from Kuutinlahti Bay to Repovesi and then on towards Lake Vuohijärvi.

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