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The land has three owners (Saarijärvi)

The area known as the Repovesi National Park actually consists of two protected areas: The National Park itself and a private forest protection area in Aarnikotka owned by UPM. This administrative model is an exceptional one for Finland's nature reserves, and its use originates from the formation of the national park. In addition, the eastern part of the national park belongs to the Pahkajärvi firing range and is under the control of the Finnish Defence Forces. Visitors are prohibited from entering the danger zone.

The initial impetus for protecting the Repovesi area came about in the 1970s. However, the proposed protection was rejected and, despite protests, the area mainly owned by the Kymi corporation remained in forestry use. The management of commercial forests changed in the 1990s when the significance of biodiversity was identified and recognised. At that time, the core 550-hectare area of Repovesi was also sold to the Finnish State as a protected area. In the early 2000s, the UPM-Kymmene corporation, which was formed from the Kymi corporation, decided to donate the land to the State for the establishment of a national park and a private protected area around it. Repovesi National Park was founded in 2003.

The fox is the emblem of the Repovesi National Park. It was designed by Metsähallitus graphic designer, Jari Kostet. He has also designed several other national park emblems.

Finland's nature is protected by a network of protected areas, the core of which is nature reserves, wilderness areas and hiking areas established on state-owned land. These areas are supplemented by privately-owned protected areas. National parks are nature reserves, whose key task is to safeguard biodiversity and enable people to enjoy and relax in nature. Trails, campfire sites and other structures have been built in national parks and many other protected areas to serve hikers.

The Pahkajärvi firing range is located on the east side of Repovesi, and the area has been used by the Finnish Defence Forces since the 1950s. The Finnish State appropriated the land of Tervarumpu village, which was located within the firing range, and the village residents were forced to relocate.

Management of the privately-owned forest protection area at Aarnikotka is guided by a management board, which includes the area owner UPM, Metsähallitus and a Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre). When supervising nature conservation measures and the development of recreational use in the area, the Aarnikotka forest management board often also familiarise itself with planned sites on the terrain.

Coordinates (WGS84): P 61˚11, 852' I 26˚53, 5'