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Hiking and culture (Kuutinkanava)

Kuutinkanava canal is one of the most popular campfire sites in the park. There is plenty of room for larger groups to enjoy a campfire. The location can also be reached by water, and the Tuuletar water bus stops here in the summer. The bay, which opens out from the Kuutinkanava canal with its rocky shores, also serves as an outdoor concert venue for the annual summer concert hosted by the Valkeala local heritage association.

Kuutinkanava canal is located in the bedrock fracture zone. The rock slide at the northern cliff is one example of the collective impact of geological processes. The continental ice sheet ground down and shifted rock from the fracture. After the ice sheet had retreated from the cliff, a large amount of rock collapsed, forming a talus field at the foot of the cliff. This process continues to this day due to weathering. Hikers can easily explore the landscapes of Repovesi by rowboat or paddlecraft. Many campfire sites, such as at Kuutinkanava canal, can also be reached by water.

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Coordinates (WGS84): P 61˚10, 503' I 26˚51, 806'