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The forests of Repovesi are full of history. Glimpse into the past!

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Hidden away in the cliffs (Kirnukangas)

Hidden away under the bedrock and boulder fields, a babbling brook winds its way through the rock into the Kirnuhuoko Cavern. The place is a world of its own, with Hauklammenvuori Hill’s bright stand of rock pines of the past giving way to a shady copse. It’s easy to believe the stories that this was a prime spot for making moonshine - after all, Kirnuhuoko is well and truly hidden from the world.

The wall of rock is slowly cracking, which is caused by water flowing into the rock cavities and expanding when frozen. Over time, the campfires made at the foot of the rock have also contributed to the fracturing of the wall in places. In the national park, campfires may only be made at marked campfire sites. Making open fires is not included in Everyman's Rights - the permission of the landowner must always be sought first.

Legend has it that Kirnuhuoko was once a prime spot for moonshining. The tales told are quite recent. There are also older stories associated with Repovesi, such as Repovuori Hill at Karhuniemi, where treasures are said to be buried at the bottom of the lake. As the story goes, the treasure can be yours for the taking if you ride a foal to the treasure across a stretch of ice with a single child.

Coordinates (WGS84): P 61˚10, 929' I 26˚52, 936'