Take the Ketunlenkki circular trail -

Cross a suspension bridge and climb to admire the scenery from Katajavuori hill.

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Enjoy the view from the Lapinsalmi bridge (Lapinsalmi)

The stately pylon bridge at Lapinsalmi will take you across the beautiful Lapinsalmi strait. Opened in November of 2019,  the bridge is 12 metres in height and 55 metres in length, from foot to foot.

Repovesi has an extensive trail network and three entrances, of which Lapinsalmi is the most popular. All three entrances provide access to the entire trail network, including the 26 kilometre long Kaakkurinkierros circle trail. You can also reach Lapinsalmi by water, such as in a canoe or kayak.

The campfire site next to the Lapinsalmi bridge is popular all year round. In addition to the traditional fire ring, the site also has a cooking shelter and a Lapp-style grill hut, where visitors can even make a fire during forest fire warnings.  

Repovesi’s most popular circle trail is the 3.5 kilometre long Ketunlenkki, which starts from Lapinsalmi. This diverse, but rather easy trail is especially popular among families with children.

If desired, you can also add a stop at Katajavuori Hill to your hike on Ketunlenkki. You’ll be treated to a spectacular view of Repovesi from its summit. You’ll have to hike a short distance off of Ketunlenkki to reach Katajavuori Hill. This detour adds approximately 1.5 kilometres to your hike. There is a long stairway on the trail. On this tour we will climb up to Katajavuori.