Take the Ketunlenkki circular trail -

Cross a suspension bridge and climb to admire the scenery from Katajavuori hill.

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Take the Ketunlossi ferry across the water (Määkijä)

The Fox Ferry offers visitors a slightly different way of getting across Kapiavesi. The hand-drawn ferry crosses from one shore to the other in the middle of a spectacularly beautiful lake. Just hop aboard and pull yourself across to the opposite shore!

The Fox Ferry can even be operated by a single person, but it does require a bit of muscle or, at least, determination. The ferry is open from spring to autumn. When the night frost sets in and the water temperature drops closer to zero, the ferry is closed for the season and Ketunlenkki cannot be hiked all the way anymore. 

The Fox Ferry also sometimes carries bikes, as a Repovesi bike trail passes through this way.  In Repovesi National Park, biking is only allowed on designated trails.