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The national park offers plenty of activities in the great outdoors all year. Experience a memorable trip!

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Climb the heights (Olhava)

The Olhava rock wall at Olhavalampi Pond is Finland's most popular climbing spot. In some places, the wall rises to a height of as much as 50 metres. In addition to more experienced enthusiasts, beginners and people wanting to give climbing a try are sometimes also seen on the rock as contract entrepreneurs offer rappelling as part of their programme activities.

Climbers have been scaling the walls at Olhava since the 1970s, long before the national park was founded. There are currently some 20,000 climbers in Finland, with new people taking up the sport all the time.

Olhava is a full-range climbing destination. In addition to rock climbing, visitors can also get their fill of bouldering and ice climbing. In lead climbing, a climber carries a rope up the wall, attaching it to protection equipment fastened to cracks in the rock as they ascend. Olhava has dozens of climbing routes for climbers of all abilities. Fastening new bolts in the rock is, however, prohibited, and visitors are not permitted to climb other rocks in the park.

Climbers often camp overnight at the Olhava campfire site, even staying for a bit longer. Hikers are also asked to take climbers into consideration. A pine cone or rock falling from the top of the rock can cause serious damage or injury!

For more information on climbing, visit the Finnish Climbing Association FCA (SKIL) website at