What to do in Repovesi? -

The national park offers plenty of activities in the great outdoors all year. Experience a memorable trip!

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Enjoy the park on water (Lapinsalmi)

Kayaking on the lake, near a wooded beach

Paddling and rowing are also good ways of exploring the idyllic landscapes of Repovesi. Its majestic cliffs and sheltered waters make Repovesi an excellent water adventure destination, also for those with little paddling experience and new enthusiasts.

Although there are no marked paddling routes in the area, there are plenty of service structures for paddlers. The Repovesi National Park service map is an excellent resource for planning a trip. Numerous canoe docks located throughout the park next to campfire sites make landing and camping easy.

If you are planning a slightly longer paddling excursion, it is a good idea to also head outside the park’s boundaries, for example to Tihvetjärvi Lake and Hirvenpääjoki River, or start your trip from Hillosensalmi or Orilampi. In order to get to or from Lake Tervajärvi, paddlers will need to portage their watercraft across an isthmus, so it’s a good idea to bring a transport cart along.

The Savonselkä circular paddling route passes through the western part of Repovesi. It runs from Voikoski through Lake Vuohijärvi to Siikakoski, continuing to Verla. Repovesi can be accessed through the Hillosensalmi strait. This route has been advertised as the world's longest inland waterway paddling route (360 km); you may, of course, choose to only do a section of it. The landscapes along the route vary from beautiful, pristine wilderness to population centres.