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The national park offers plenty of activities in the great outdoors all year. Experience a memorable trip!

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Enjoy winter in Repovesi (Lapinsalmi)


On a winter weekday, there are no crowds at the Lapinsalmi campfire site, but when the spring sun comes out, the number of hikers in Repovesi starts to rise. Repovesi can be hiked all year round.

When there is enough snow cover, you should try cross-country skiing or snowshoeing through a landscape completely transformed by the powdery snow! Because the ground is covered by snow, you can go wherever you want. However, you will still need to steer clear of the firing range! Frozen lake ice also needs to be treated with caution. For example, Lake Kapiavesi is full of currents.

Repovesi is a low-threshold destination for trying out new approaches to winter hiking, as local tourism operators rent out snowshoes and other equipment. You should always give thought to what you’ll wear before coming to the park. Be sure to wear multiple layers of warm clothing. A good base layer and waterproof boots make being outdoors more enjoyable even when it’s cold.

However, it’s a good idea to avoid working up a sweat while hiking, as clothes dampened with sweat will no longer insulate when you stop, for example, to take a break. Instead, warming up by a fire is all part of hiking in the winter forest. Enjoy the glow of the fire and remember to bring a seat pad along to keep warm while taking a break.