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The thrill of cycling (Määkijä)

Cyclists on a wide hiking trail in the woods near the lake shore

The Repovesi National Park can also be reached by bike, and the most famous long-distance landscapes are just a hike away from the biking trails. The park's excellent mountain biking trails start on the north side of the park and run all the way to Mäntyharju.

In the Repovesi National Park, visitors may bike on designated biking trails. These trails can be used in the park to bike a circle route that runs along Lapinsalmi and Lake Saarijärvi. The trail follows gravel roads and service tracks, but the terrain can be challenging in some places! The biking trails are marked with symbols on signposts at trail junctions and they run by several campfire sites in the national park. Because the most famous views of the National Park, such as Olhava and Mustanlamminvuori Hill, are not on the biking trails, be prepared to leave your bike locked on the path or at a rest stop if you want to admire the views.

The best mountain biking terrain can be found on the north side of the national park, where the trails link up with the Mäntyharju-Repovesi route and Reporeitti trail. A trail leads off from the trail to Orilampi hut. The trail has been planned and improved especially with mountain bikers in mind. You can also take a detour to Repovesi from the national cycling trail no. 15, which runs from Kotka to Mikkeli.

For more information on biking trails in the Repovesi region, see the Repovesi brochure for mountain bikers at: