What to do in Repovesi? -

The national park offers plenty of activities in the great outdoors all year. Experience a memorable trip!

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In winter, fewer people visit the park and nature has fallen silent. At campfire sites, you often get to enjoy the beauty of winter in peace, accompanied only by the occasional sounds of animals. Hiking in cold winter weather is a joy when you are properly clothed.

A snowshoe trip to a winter park is an experience. When planning a trip, it is worth checking the snow situation in the area. In spring and winter, you can also ski along the maintained trails on Repovesi. The condition of the trails should be checked before going on a ski trip. In the silence of Salomaa you can sit in peace in the middle of beautiful nature and on forest skis also outside the trails.

Ice fishing is part of everyone’s rights and is also allowed at Repovesi. Drill into the armpit and on the ice to grab fish. However, make sure the ice cover is strong enough. If you are unsure, leave ice fishing a second time and enjoy nature from the ground up, for example admiring the blaze of a campfire.