Instructions for use

Repovesi Virtual Guide uses photographs and spherical 360° panoramas. Spherical panoramas are photographs that can be viewed online and rotated 360 x 180 degrees by using a mouse or touch screen. The images rotate automatically, but you can control the rotation using the mouse. Click on the round buttons in the panorama to see more about the site.

Watch the panorama images in full screen mode to enjoy a wide view.

Use the control buttons at the bottom of each panorama to:

  1. Zoom in and out
  2. Open the spherical panorama in full screen mode
  3. Stop the rotation and start again

Click the buttons on the map to see various destinations. Key to symbols on the map:

Summer spherical panorama / Winter spherical panorama / Video / Photograph

Clicking the brown buttons will provide information on the hiking structures in the area. The numbers on certain buttons refer to the number of sights or destinations that will be displayed by clicking the button. Clicking a numbered button will display a menu listing the sights in the area.